Immediately the raining season strolls into town, trees get greener, plants begin to blossom with flowers, and there's usually a feeling released in the air. An emotion of love, joy and peace so strong. One could easily argue that petals hypnotise the entire human race with their captivating beauty and scents. Just then the wedding season falls upon us. Invitations become parcels to be dispatched every other day, brides and bridegrooms get so ecstatic, and right on cue comes the anxiety. The planning begins and they are torn between having an indoor or outdoor wedding, modern or vintage decor, themed or not themed wedding, what number of guests is most ideal and other similar questions. But the most important thing is these two lovebirds have chosen to celebrate their love with a marriage ceremony. I love all sorts of weddings but if it's going to be in summer then I love a garden or simply outdoor wedding, where love could be celebrated with wining and dining and a whole lot of laughter while simultaneously being surrounded by the beauty of nature and its natural fragrance and sounds.

As a wedding guest, it could be tricky putting an outfit together depending on the location, theme and type of wedding. If it is a winter wedding of course you have to keep warm somehow. But for a summer wedding, you want to look elegant, while keeping it cool yet not drawing attention away from the bride. Wear breathable fabrics like cotton, chiffon linen or silk in blush tones or flowery designs. It could be long, short or midi depending on your preferences. But of course avoid wearing white at all costs. Always remember when shopping for a wedding guest dress to go for something stylish and comfortable and attractive but not something over the top that will draw attention for the wrong reasons. Be sure to note the kind of wedding; formal, semi-formal or informal. That would help to a great extent. Trust your instincts and dress well; it’s better to be overdressed than not dressed for the occasion. You could add a fine straw hat to the outfit as finishing touches and just look magnifique.


Outfit details
|| Earrings L'etoile || Wristwatch MK ||
|| Dress Shein || || Hat Local store ||
|| Pumps Aldo || || purse centro ||