Have Nothing To Wear

So I don't have any of those fancy walk in closets yet because… well, I live in a dorm and that kind of space can only be wished for at the moment (considering the fact that my properties have to beat each other up for space). Notwithstanding, I own a huge box attached to the wall, one-quarter the size of a H&M dressing room, which people call the wardrobe. I stood in front of it and stared at the pieces I've gracefully put together over the years and I said I DON'T HAVE WHAT TO WEAR. I wasn't surprised though because I've seen a couple of people with a closet that could pass for a boutique yet heard them say they don't have what to wear. I'll be damned if I haven't been in that situation myself more times than I'd like to admit. That got me thinking and birthed this post. So ladies and some gents, why do we have a reasonably sized wardrobe yet we never seem to have what to wear? I just may have an idea. Like its said knowing the cause of a problem (in this case it's not really a problem) is the beginning of it's solution.


Not your style anymore

We evolve everyday and so does our sense of style. With the new age, job, lifestyle, habitat comes a new style. Sometimes it is intentional and sometimes not necessarily. I guess we we can call it growth. You probably have a thousand and one tops, dresses, skirts…you know what you have, yet it seems like it just isn't working. Dear friend, one of the many reasons it isn't working is because it isn't your style anymore. Let it go. Give it out, donate it or re-sell it and make some bucks. If your style is in it's evolving stage, you can check this post out on discovering your style.


Not suitable for the occasion or season in question

If you shook your head to the left and right or moved your lips in a no no bid to the first point then it just might be this one for you. You probably have too many clothes for a particular kind of occasion whereas the other departments of occasions are lacking seriously. Way too many casuals and nothing for a black tie event or too many summer dresses and nothing for a corporate interview. Could also be that you went all in on the mid-season sales in winter and forgot that you will not need ninety-nine percent of those stuffs during summer especially if you live in a very cold environment that requires really heavy winter gear. I'll suggest you find a balance between the occasions and seasons and that will help you buy wisely and save up for other things.


When an outfit becomes an all weather outfit

Ever thought of the fact that way too many times you've grabbed the first thing you see in your wardrobe and headed out the door? I thought so! I'm sure at some point in life, we all have. Probably also owned and worn same clothes for years over and over again they've become boring, the mere thought of wearing them again is offensive as opposed to the excitement that came with the thought of purchasing them. You should think of giving them a rest for sometime and then picking them up again. Try recycling or again sending them forth to someone who might still find them worthy. Giving always comes with so much joy only the giver can explain, try it.

Because you have so many oranges doesn't mean they are all good, but it's possible to have all good oranges….who said that? I said **insert a smiling face emoji right here** saying something that anyone hasn't said before isn't an easy task so give me some props. I hope it hasn't been said before though… alright back to the point. Because you have so much stuff doesn't mean they are all good, but it is not impossible for them all to be good. You didn't know that there could be damaged clothes amongst your clothes because you haven't been paying attention. You just think you have so many clothes yet you don't have what to wear. How about you go into that closet of yours and do some cleaning and declustering? That way you will find out exactly what you have and how you can mix and match pieces and make them work again.

I'm quite certain I didn't exhaust all the reasons. Let me know some of the reasons why you think the situation is the way it is, leave me a comment below.


A mixture of the good and torn

 Outfit details

|| Denim Jacket Zara  ||

|| Ring and Earrings Lady Collection ||

|| Dress Stradivarius ||

|| Sunglasses Stradivarius ||

|| Nike Airforce-1||

|| Wrist watch MK ||

|| Bag Vitacci ||