Surrounded by mountains with a generous splash of snow, greeted daily by a magical ice foot mat with gliding capabilities that just might send you to the ground within seconds of stepping on without caution, and a host of fir trees looking ever green, a ski resort would be the last thing to come to mind. Oh wait, the mountains are just heaps of snow shoved together at dawn everyday by the tractors ((. Yes I said every day. I agree winter comes bearing gifts and all but sometimes the gifts are way too many with little room to save them. Let’s talk about its favourite gift to give; shorter days and longer nights (not in every sense of the word long though). So winter is here, the place looks so bright with all the snow but try blinking and you just might end up in another time zone. It gets dark within a blink and leaves one wondering how in the world we are supposed to get things done within 24 hours when it looks like we just woke up and we are going straight back to bed. I may not know it all but I've put together some useful tips to help make 24 hours enough for just about anything, check it out.




Waking up as early as 6 am or even earlier could be a bit of a hassle but it doesn't have to be. It takes conscious planning from the previous night to go to bed early. It allows you get a good start to the day with a wholesome breakfast, a workout session and helps you get through any of your other morning routines leisurely without rushing.




The time after you put off your alarm is when your day begins, instead of drockling, choose to sit up on your bed and meditate on something positive, pray, study the Bible and do your devotion. Speak positive words into your day and frame it with your words. Your tongue is very powerful so why not use it in this wise? It brings more peace than you could ever imagine.



Whether you wake up on an island in a cozy and luxurious apartment elevated above the sea just enough to be able to bury your legs in its blue waters at any moment of your choosing while surrounded by nature in its incorrupt and purest entirety or you are stuck in a block of flats with your neighbours taking turns to play ''DJ'', while waking up to teeth-breaking low temperatures, there is always something still beautiful about the day. Appreciate the picturesque snow with fairy lights hanging from the grey trees. Appreciate the beauty the day brings and enjoy it.


Ever heard the saying ''a hungry man is an angry man''? That just means you walk through the day grumpy and of no use to anyone, not even yourself. Food provides you with energy and gets your entire body functioning at its best. So, exceptions to when you are fasting, don't abandon breakfast, lunch, dinner and any snacks that come in between.

Have something you are waking up for. Make your plans the night prior to your waking up. This will give you a reason to get up when you feel like hitting the snooze button. Work towards achieving these goals from the very moment you open your eyes. Make an intentional action plan to achieve them, taking into account your time limit for every set goal. It doesn’t have to be a huge commitment; it could be something as simple as showing love and kindness to a certain number of people before the day runs out.


 Make a commitment to yourself to learn something new each day; a craft, a language, a song, a book, about a culture, a word or even visiting a museum for the first time. These experiences help build your strength of character amongst other things. Educate yourself daily. Besides, it gives you a sense of achievement when the day is done.


Talk is cheap but I bet doing ain't so. Up until this moment, you probably have been one who is known for professing your love out loud to people. As much as it is a good thing I think the time to take it up a notch and show it has arrived. Let the people know through your actions how much you love them.


Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in.

– Napoleon Bonaparte.

That quote says it all. Ponder upon whatever you need to ponder on but when it’s time to act, don’t chicken out. Think with the intention to act if it’s for a good cause, of course.

At the end of the day, just like the sun sets, settle in and unwind and enjoy the evening. Mentally or physically assess how the day went and make sure to be happy with the results, if not there is another chance for a do over called tomorrow)).



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