It's been such a long time since I last wrote a post and that doesn't sit well with me. I have been incredibly busy for the past six weeks, hence the silence here on the blog. Life has been happening, nothing that I couldn't handle (thank God!). And now I'm a bit freer but I'm experiencing writer's block. Yes, it's happening! Not that I've run out of ideas. On the contrary, I have so much to get out there but I don't want to oversaturate my audience with my words. I know the last statement sounds contradictory. So here's the thing: due to the shift in my brain control and activity, it's been a bit difficult to get back to my creative space. As much as I love writing, there's only so much I can do right now and I don't want to create crappy half-baked posts.
However, I had this fall photoshoot before the sudden slow down so I still want to inspire those who might still be in autumn with these photographs, because as for me I can barely describe what the last autumn was like as it barely lasted a minute. Winter decided to come around earlier than I anticipated but it's fine, I enjoy the sweater weather. Nevertheless, keep enjoying every day and what it brings. I'm kind of excited it started snowing early because last year it didn't. I wished for a white Christmas but it didn't come through so hopefully this early snow is a good sign. Stay sweet.


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