From A Twenty-something Year Old

Some have likened living in a cold climate to life as a twenty-something year old, waiting all year for summer. Most people spend their twenties waiting for the best partner, kids or dream job(well-paid job), but when these things happen, their lives dramatically come to a halt. It doesn't matter how successful or old you are, if you stop growing, you start dying inside. Let your twenties count, set a goal and do something that commits you to fulfilment. Follow through on every goal and assignment. Model the actions of those who succeeded before you. Success doesn't happen accidentally, it happens as a result of carefully curated rituals. If I want to pass my exams excellently well, I'd study more than usual; If I want to start a line of any sorts, I'd be more dedicated to working extra hours than I usually did; If I want to know The Bible better, I'd dedicate more time to studying it than the average time I allot to it. Same goes for everything. No matter how successful you've been, there's always more to do, learn and achieve. Success is supposed to be a good thing, don't let it become a reason for your stifled growth. It is easy to become complacent because of a few successful gigs we've got going. Nobody is saying you should spread yourself too thin, but to be conscious of goals you've set and how to achieve them. As humans, we are not made to just survive, manage our pains or get through it, we are meant to be creators of our lives. So let's get to creating our tomorrow and our children's even if none of us is promised tomorrow.

  • Let your light shine through regardless of the situation;

  • Be conscious of your blessings;

  • Take care of your skin even as a young person;

  • Be in tune with your personality, don't be a stranger to yourself;

  • Invest in classic pieces over trend;

  • Read a lot of books and anything worth reading;

  • Being nice is actually a virtue;

  • Be unapologetically you, never catch yourself apologising for being comfortable with who you are;

  • Family can be against you especially when you try to breakout;

  • Life does not start and end on social media, there's more to life;

  • It's okay to make mistakes just don't let the mistakes define and frame you;

  • Growth opportunities are beyond your comfort zone;

From a twenty-something year old
From a twenty-something year old

  • Appreciate everyone in your life;

  • Don't make a successful person extraordinary at your expense;

  • Take care of your body;

  • It's okay to say no even to the high in societal status;

  • Don't be afraid to travel solo because there's a greater reward at the end of the trip;

  • Look before you leap;

  • You need God;

  • Be fun, have fun and just live;

  • Love is more important than significance;

  • Relationships are the best resources;

  • For a relationship of any kind to thrive you need more than love, you need respect, patience and understanding;

  • Making tough decisions might leave you feeling lonely and overwhelmed but it will pay off in the long run.

From a twenty-something year old
From a twenty-something year old
From a twenty-something year old

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