Street styleStreet style

...right said red.
…right said red.

Street styleStreet styleStreet style

 Lunchtime is never early enough, on this day it couldn’t have taken longer to show up. This is capturing the story of a young lady in an office that requires her to work 9-5 everyday excluding Sundays which is practically the only day off from the office. Keeping her eyes glued to the top right corner of her computer, gazing at the clock and repeatedly checking the  line up of calls needed to be made during lunchtime. Tick tock tick tock… and here comes lunchtime! Unfortunately, it’s not going to be spent having lunch but she jumps up with gusto regardless.

Bringing the street style to the office can be a little distracting but pairing culottes with a matching blazer will definitely be flattering on any body shape, size and figure. There are days when you want to throw out the pencil skirts and full-length pants and opt for the highest degree of comfort. I would say go for sweatpants but we all know that except you are your own boss I might have to send you a condolence Email concerning the job you just lost and probably flowers. Culottes aren’t the prim and proper office wears for everyone but who says office wears have to be monotonous?! This riveting pair can be easily transformed from a day to night outfit for a night out with the girls by simply just taking off the blazer to reveal the beautifully tailored blouse underneath. You will look like you just stepped down from the Runway of a Balmain show without even trying.

|| Blazer Zara || White Top Zara ||

 || Culottes Zara || Pumps Centro ||

|| Jewellery Forever 21 || Nail Polish Sally Hansen – Right Said Red 570 ||

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