Be your own muse

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Inspired By You

Muse - a person especially a woman who is a source of artistic inspiration. Finding the inspiration and courage to create something new can be a daunting task. Even the greatest people of all time in a field of work, at some point in life had muses decisively or indecisively. The idea of being your own muse may at first sound narcissistic but it really isn't. It is more like you digging deeper into yourself beneath the mere surface to find your passions, redefine your dreams and revive hobbies that you almost gave up to extinction. All these are like your arsenal of inspiration shoved away in a bunker as if to say you are waiting for the "right time" to bring them out. There is never going to be "the right time" if you don't consciously pick out the time.
Creativity doesn't always come easy, sometimes it may seem like everything has been created, every idea has been explored and sometimes you may even hit a wall. The good thing is you've still got your mind, a powerful tool given to us by God. The mind is there quite alright, but it wouldn't just start functioning if you don't consciously evoke it. In addition to your mind, here are some life.stylespiration approved tips on being inspired by you.

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Moment Of Creation

Set out a specific time daily or weekly to think creatively (not to worry about everything that isn't going right in the world except if your job requires fixing the world:)). You can call it whatever you want, I call it my moment of creation. How creative you may turnout isn't necessarily dependent on the length of time, 15 minutes might be enough for some whereas others may require a little more time. However, you may not want to be a thoughts junkie, take it a step forward and write down those thoughts. Writing them down does not only help you remember but keeps you on track and in my opinion, brings it closer to realisation. The first time I ever tried it, I was shockingly intrigued at how productive it turned out.

Passion & Perseverance 

Move with passion and courage even if you are the only one who believes in your idea. Don't be afraid to be different, there are too many people with basic mindsets out there. I once heard someone say "being realistic is the most common travelled road to mediocrity". Sometimes when we feel like we are not enough, we try to get external validation. Alternatively, look inside for the validation you so much crave. Perhaps you may have to dig deep inside you to revive your dreams and passion to keep you persevering. Whatever you do, don't stop pushing until you have achieved whatever it is you set your mind to achieve. 

Keep An Open Mind

Wherever you go, whatever you do, go and do with an open mind. Maybe you are scheduled to attend an event with people from diverse backgrounds and ethnicity, getting to know a handful of these people is one way that could spark up the creative genius in you only if you decide to attend the event with an open mind. If you decide to shut your mind and be oblivious to your environment at the time, you will end up going back to where you came from without any value added. And in that case, you will not be inspiring yourself.


Lastly, smile and laugh more. It helps to relieve tension and anxiety, leaving you with a clear mind to think properly, consequently, become more productive. Your smile and laughter are yours so do them more often and watch yourself become more inspired.



Be your own muse

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