“The Power of your mind” Let’s talk about this book, shall we?! The title of the book says it all. This is one of the numerous books inspired by the Holy Spirit and written by my spiritual father Rev. Chris Oyakhilome. It is so full of heavenly wisdom and mind-blowing at the same time. Every chapter is such a great read filled with Holy Spirit inspired words, it will leave you anticipating the next chapter.

Almost everybody on the earth that has got a mind knows that minds are potentially powerful but not everyone is aware of the full extent of it’s potentiality. In this book, Rev. Chris expatiates on how our minds are unlimited in creating whatsoever we desire. Even if you already knew about some of the topics discussed in this book, it is a helpful reminder that bolsters alertness and thoughtfulness. One other remarkable thing about this book is that it doesn’t only talk about how powerful our minds are but explains in-depth how to efficiently use it.

walk in excellence and transform your world through the power of a renewed mind.

A lot of topics were discussed in this book but I will highlight just a few:

  • Renewing your mind: The concept of mind-management
  • The power of thoughts
  • Dealing with negative thoughts and emotions
  • Attitude – your mental disposition
  • Meditation – Your moment of creation

That is to mention just a few, so that I don’t spoil the experience for you. You can order the hardcopy or get the electronic version HERE.