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Sitting on this couch with my favourite cup of russian green tea in hand, gotten from the city of Sochi as a souvenir for myself, I decided it had been too long since I wrote a new post. Time , has not exactly been my friend. I watch my publishing deadline come and pass every week and I say oh no every week but this time I was determined not to say that phrase yet another week. So, I start my blog post writing ritual with a glance through my notepad just to look at the ideas I had penned down before. Now my face is beaming with a smile as I see pages of my to-do lists and how I crossed them out after accomplishing every task. The most satisfying thing about this was the difficulty of some of the tasks. For example people have bucket lists for destinations they would like to visit which is more or less like a dream but my destinations were on a to-do list and I actually did it! I don't know if you are ever proud of yourself but that right there made me so proud of me.**sips tea**.

I couldn't believe the things I had written down on my list and actually crossed out. It just showed that I had gone way past a chores type of to-do list. I figured that my kind of list wasn't a mere list but an inspiration for me to push harder at my goals and bring them to realisation. I have always loved to-do lists because I'm a visual person, I like to pen down things and tick them off my list as a I go. Putting pen to paper, for me ,it is one way of declustering my mind, getting rid of the heaviness in there and just offloading it on a piece of paper. Sticky notes have been my favourite companions too, I always cover my laptop and mirrors with them. You already know what's on those notes. A to-do list might seem very trivial but it is very instrumental in managing the productivity of anyone's day. Have you ever done a to-do list? If yes engage me below, I will like to know what kind of things make your list. And if no, maybe you should try it. What's there to lose? However, you stand to gain something though.


The to-do list
To-do list
To-do list

To-do list

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