It is easy to style an outfit but where does one even begin to style their life from, you may ask. I know because I thought so too the first time the thought of this post crossed my mind. But when I began to think about it, I realized it wasn’t that difficult at all. It only entails doing the same thing you do for your outfits for your life. Gather inspiration from everywhere, books, places, people, things, nature, et al. But first find your personal style then it will be easy to style your life. Below are some tips for you, I hope you find them helpful.


1. Change up your perfumes from time to time

Having fun with life is getting the most out of life. Have fun with your perfumes, change them up according to the seasons and watch your life become fun, spicy and colourful except of course, if you don't want it that way. I know you wouldn't be reading this post if you didn't want it that way «wink wink». It's a good thing the four seasons come with their own peculiar smells.



2. Change up your underwear

let them match


The normal thing for ladies is to change up your panties every six months in order to maintain a hygenious private area. So don;t just switch it up, change it for what makes you feel sexy and most of all comfortable.



3. Re-organize your home and closet

Even if you are not a believer in less is more, I'm sure you agree sometimes that less is truly more. Ridding your home and closet of things you hardly use or clothes you barely wear is an effective way of re-organizing your home and closet. It declusters your home and creates space for light to shine through and brighten the atmosphere. You may also switch things up around the house by redecorating according to the seasons, this is definitely a moral booster. Adding natural plants to a home brings beauty that only nature will enhance.

4. Pick up new hobbies every six months

Doing the same thing over and over again may become boring and redundant, no doubt about that. Hence the need for a little spice. Boost your morale and motivation by picking up new hobbies every 6 months. Not only will you learn new stuff, you will be elated every time you do.


5. Only wear clothes that make you feel best both physically and mentally

Looking good is good business but most of all it's a confidence booster. Trust me once you look good it will resonate with the way you feel throughout the day. For sure people who feel good about themselves are the most productive during the day. Good thing is you don't need to break the bank to look the part. Little things like having a manicure and pedicure and styling your hair to fit your outfit can make a huge difference.




6. Take the day off

Take a day off from everyone and everything and get your creative juice flowing. I can confidently say I have a Doctorate degree in this. I am one person who loves solitude. If I spend time with you it's because I genuinely love your company or I have to so you don't get unnecessarily worked up. Although I've had great moments hanging out, one thing I know is that, those times when I retreat and I'm away from the noise of the world are my best days ever. You should try it, you don't know what you have inside until you go looking.



7. Let your personality

shine through


Everything you have, do or wear should reflect your personality. Improve your weaknesses and honour your strengths. Give yourself time to relax, recharge, meditate and sleep. It's okay to try new things from time to time but you should have a signature look that anyone would recognise from a mile away. Don't pressurise yourself into looking a certain way, let it flow freely.

8. Stand tall and carry yourself elegantly

Little things like adjusting your posture, squaring your shoulders in confidence and carrying your God given body with grace can make everything about you stylish. This is one sure way of adding flavour into your life at no cost. Let your juice of elegance begin to flow.



9. Live your truth

You only live once. With age truly comes wisdom, I can testify to that. As you grow older you realise there's really no point in living your life to please others. Take a leap of faith, follow your dreams. Do what you've always wanted to do. It's okay to make mistakes, take the experience and grow with it. Never live to please others. Let your passion, compassion and love for the things you like to do, shine through.



10. Have daily goals

It's easier to track your progress daily when you set goals for each day. All you need to do is to apply discipline and consistency and achieve these goals. It might seem easier said than done but it's not impossible if you put your heart to it.



11. Have playlists for different moods

This to me is the easiest thing to do on this list because I love all genres of music and there is always a genre for how I'm feeling. You should try it, you will not be disappointed.


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