You are sitting in a glass house situated beside a waterfall or lake and surrounded by tropical shrubs. The scent of colourful flowers hit your nostrils from your carefully curated garden the moment you open your eyes every morning. The smell of your favourite coffee brewing is definitely something to get out of bed for every morning without hesitance. Everyday feels like a holiday. You only do the things you naturally love to do, never getting out of your comfort zone is the norm for you. Living your dream life at absolutely no cost, wouldn't that be great? Well God intended for life to be that way before man decided to be king! In a world where things are not handed down to the masses for their consumption, the masses are left with no choice but to step up and cater to themselves. In recent times, more than ever before in history, females have been doing it for themselves with girl bosses rising up every day. I like to cater to myself everyday as my girl boss while inspiring others out there. But to do that I like to feel and look as close to a hundred percent as I can, keeping in mind style and comfort, that is why I have teamed up with Step Up Magazine to share with you all, one of my favourite girl boss outfits. If I have to cater to myself for that ideal life then I might as well do in stylish clothes. One thing you should know is that your style can be found in life and not just limited to your wardrobes. I hope many girl bosses out there step up in whatever field they are in and stay up with the right drive and for the right reasons of course.


Outfit Details
|| Top Zara || || Denim Stradivarius ||
|| Bag Vitacci || || Sandals Unknown store ||
|| Necklace & Earrings H&M ||
|| Wristwatch Michael Kors ||