When it comes to looking elegant, most people tend to think that you have to be extremely financially buoyant to achieve such a look as it tends to be tied to wealth. Being able to afford luxurious things is good but does not equate elegance. Elegance amongst so many other things to me is a state of being, so I believe you have to think elegance before you become or are able to achieve it. I penned down some of my thoughts here just incase any of my readers are searching. I summed it into 3 points, I hope it’s detailed enough.Zara

  • Buy Less and Choose Well

    Go for classic wardrobe staples over trendy pieces that are thrown at you every season. Classics are very easy to combine in order to create elegant looks, they never go out of style, instead they help elevate your look and make you look stylish and elegant in every sense of the words. You can buy cheap quality clothes but try to avoid cheap disposable clothes. Instead of buying a lot trendy pieces, buy an understated piece that can go with almost every other thing in your wardrobe. Take for instance a buttoned down white shirt, you could pair that with boyfriend jeans and flats or heels for a brunch date, girls’ night out or even a walk at the park and still pair it with a pencil skirt for work. Another thing is the quality of what you are buying, expensive is not always quality, so instead of looking at the prices alone also take a look at the fabrics the item you intend buying is made out of. Go for classic fabrics like cotton, cashmere, tweed and wool. Tailoring is extremely important when choosing what clothes to buy, this is mostly what high-end designers pay attention to that most times differentiates couture from ready-to-wear clothing. Pay attention to details like the hemming, lengths, etc. Cut down on quantity and choose quality instead. Learn how to express your style with accessories. You of course have to discover your style first before you will be able to express it.

    How to look elegant on a budget
    How to look elegant on a budget
  • Invest In Basics

    The right accessories will elevate your look effortlessly. Investing in a classic handbag, jewellery, wristwatch, a pair of sunglasses or quality shoes that can stand the test of time is a great way to make yourself look elegant without having to put on too much. Due to the quality of these items, they will last you a long time and you won’t have to spend any money replacing them anytime soon instead that money could go into your savings. You don’t have to wear all these at once which is a bit too much but pairing some of them together on a minimal outfit can make you look put together and elegant. If you are wearing something really colourful or patterned it’s best to keep the accessories on a down low. Classic tailored jackets or coats are a great way to upgrade your looks without having to break the bank, invest in them as well.

    How to look elegant on a budget

  • Impeccable Personal Grooming

    Personal grooming can never be overemphasised when talking about elegance. Elegance entails personal grooming as well. The little things most times matter even more. Take good care of your body, hair, teeth and nails. Always make sure your hair is presentable, if not styled then should be brushed or combed neatly. Brushing your teeth shouldn’t be something that you should be advised to do, but you can take it a step further by whitening them naturally (with baking soda) or other mechanical means. Chipped nail polish is not a pleasant sight to behold, you either take it all off or get them done again,they should always be clean and shaped. Not everyone likes nail polish but an alternative is to have your nails manicured or coated with a clear protective coat and remember your pedicure as well. You mustn’t go to a beauty salon to achieve all these, there are simple DIYs on the internet that can teach you  how to do that at home. Long nails or short nails? Well, you have the luxury of making that decision yourself, putting your lifestyle in perspective. If you wear  makeup whether light or heavy, wear it in the neatest way possible. Lastly, of what use will all these be if your posture itself isn’t elegant?! This is another thing you needn’t buy, you simply need to CONSCIOUSLY work on it and then maintain it. Have fun looking elegant. How to look elegant on a budgetHow to look elegant on a budget


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