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Whether it's visual, auditory, literary, decorative or performing art, I always love its output from the onset. It's one of those things I never need time to warm up to. Art means different and a lot of things to different people. To me, it means so many different things but most importantly, it is the expression of my imagination. I find the ability to actually express my imaginations intriguing. Art is expressive yet not restricted to written or spoken language. The importance of art though, to some is still elusive. 

 I have always loved fashion and I am aware that fashion as an art form is subjective. As fascinating as it is, some people are dismissive of it. It has in fact been described as superficial, yet it has played and still continues to play an important role in the society today. Its ability to establish identity, beliefs and personality around the world is remarkable and shouldn't go unnoticed. Believe it or not, it plays a role in the lives of the young generation in choosing a future career path. It even goes as far as giving one a sense of belonging which is a human need that researchers have found is parallel to food, water and shelter. Just like every other form of art, it has a creative direction that doesn't just land on the table, but needs to be ripped apart and dug deep into in order for it to reach its greatest potentials. Creative directors and designers all over the world put their hearts into it to present fashion-lovers with something worth their money, time and attention. I know they don't just do this for the money alone but have come to a stage where it has become like nurturing a baby. Sometimes the pieces we see on the catwalks may seem superfluous season after season but that is their baby, what do you expect? That shouldn't be an issue. As long as you have found your style, go ahead and express yourself. Until it becomes your signature, you'll still have some discerning to do. There is a piece of clothing, jewellery, shoe, hairstyle, etc. that has your initials all over it, find it and express it. Fashion is fun as well as it is serious. You just have to discover your style. Even if your art isn't fashion, I’m sure it's something expressible. What are you waiting for?